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January: sexuality/preferences
February: city/state
March: favourite colour
April: favourite hair colour & favourite eye colour
May: favourite manga & favourite anime
June: favourite book
July: favourite song/band
August: crush names
September: instruments I play/ want to play
October: favourite game
November: if I changed my name, what would it be
December: random fact about me :)
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We give up what we want when we want power. Believe me.

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Iggy Azalea perfoming “Black Widow” at 2014 Video Music Awards

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get to know me meme: eleven pairings ♦ tobias eaton & tris prior

↳ “I forget that he is another person; instead it feels like he is another part of me, just as essential as an heart or an eye or an arm.”

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It’s not like I don’t realize we’re not exactly the most normal family on the block. I mean, not every teenage girl comes home to a garage full of glocks and AK-47s.

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Emmy Rossum does the ALS ice bucket challenge

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“The reason birds can fly and we can’t is simply because they have perfect faith, for to have faith is to have wings.”

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from Antoine de Saint-Exupéry to Natalie Paley

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He was alive.  He pulled her towards him until he could press his forehead against her own. And much as she had done, his hand uninjured reached upward, pushing back errant strands of hair from the side of her face, tucking them behind her ear, the sides of his fingers drifting gently along the outline of her earlobe. It was a sudden of a movement as her grasp at his life had been. “Then don’t look at the life that’s spilled out. Just - instead at the life that’s here.”

It was only at those words that she seemed to start breathing again. “Okay,” she whispered. “I can—see it.”  Then, after a beat of lingering silence, she said in an even softer tone, “I can see you.

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I’d like to — - fuck it, that’s wrong. I am going to wish fearthelittlemonsters a happy birthday, because damn does that girl deserve it. Look at me, being assertive. Heck yeah.

I’m constantly in awe that this amazing lady (and soon to be published author!) considers me of enough quality to both spend time and words on. I think I can safely say the both of us are surprised by how well we have clicked and grown with one another in the past few weeks (weeks? months? I’VE LOST COUNT!), and I think I can be entirely secure in saying there’s going to be many weeks/months for us to go.

THAT ALL BEING SAID. I’m hella glad you got your birthday wish (but headcanon expected, tbh), but I hope you get all the rest. And a dumb (but wildly attractive) billionaire to buy you nice things but also respect your independence and personal brilliance.

I LOVE YOU NAT, EVEN WHEN YOU PASS OUT ON MY LAWN! Here’s to a new year as legal drinkers (but rarely adults).


Omfg I don’t even know what to say in response because I suck with this but I’m just going to re-blog this and keep it for my own rainy days and u______u.

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